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an online fundraiser hosted by the

Black Giving Fund

DECEMBER 4, 2020


For Give Black Day 2020, our theme is The Movement. We selected four Black Liberationists who are advancing Black freedom through Police and Prison Abolition, Mutual Aid and COVID Response, Electoral Justice, Reproductive Justice, and Climate Justice.

Image by James Eades

Police and Prison Abolition

The resurgence of the overarching Movement for Black Lives is a testament to our organizing prowess and commitment to abolish forces and entities that mean to do us harm.

We'll select a Black Liberationist, preferably based in Kentucky, who organized to seek justice for Breonna Taylor.

Mutual Aid and COVID Relief

When COVID came, our communities responded with deep intention.

We'll select a Black Liberationist who organized or supported initiatives that met the immediate needs of Black people who were negatively impacted by the global pandemic.

Electoral Justice

Our Liberation will never come from the ballot box, but Black Liberationists leverage this tool while maintaining a thorough understanding of Black people's complicated relationship to political representation.

We'll select a Black Liberationist, preferably based in the Deep South or a battleground state, who fights voter suppression. 

Reproductive Justice

With the corrupt appointment of an anti-sexual health Justice, reproductive justice is an urgent necessity.


We'll select a Black Liberationist who is proactively organizing to protect reproductive justice.

Image by Vlad Tchompalov

Climate Justice

Our fight for Liberation takes root in healthy ecosystems that multinational corporations and the white supremacists who run them are destroying.

We'll select a Black Liberationist whose framework of climate justice is entirely informed by an understanding of how white supremacy is the leading cause of climate instability.

Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona


give Black day 2020

Give Black Day is an annual fundraiser hosted by the Black Giving Fund

Each year, a number of Black Liberationists who are connected by theme are selected to receive funds from individual donors through a public crowdsourced fundraising campaign.

2020 starkly revealed the interconnected of oppressions and our complex and multi-faceted resilience. In honor of breathtaking and historic uprisings, demonstrations, and everyday acts of resistance, this year's theme is THE MOVEMENT.

We're looking to select 5 Black Liberationists from each of the following categories

  • Police and Prison Abolition

  • Mutual Aid & COVID Response

  • Electoral Justice

  • Reproductive Justice

  • Climate Justice

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November 22nd

Deadline for nominees to submit applications.

November 25th

Give Black Day recipients announced

November 30th

December 4th


December 7th

Online fundraiser closes


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Our Give Black Day fundraiser opens on November 30th and lasts until December 7th.



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Amani Sawari, Prison and Police Abolition
Hess Love, Reproductive and Spiritual Justice
ML Smith, Prison and Police Abolition
Zellie Imani, COVID Response and Mutual Aid